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Hello! My name is Karla.


I have had a love for art ever since I was a kid. I remember always having a colouring book or crayons wherever I went and enrolled in all the art classes in high school. Art has always been a part of my life in one way or another.


I decided to take the amazing journey of Graphic Design in 2014. I enrolled in the Graphic Design Diploma at the University of the Fraser Valley and graduated in 2016. 


After graduating, I had the opportunity to follow the print industry path and have been in this industry for the past eight years. As I progressed and gained experience through out my career I started my own freelance business; creating logos, websites, layout designs, signage, and more. 


​I don't just have a passion for design and printing, I wanted to explore the online world more and enrolled in a Digital Marketing certificate at Red Academy. I have multiple ventures outside of my business which include creating Facebook pages, managing social media platforms, and content creation. 


Outside of all these great things I have going on, I have two poodles named Charlie and Ruby, who are amazing in every way and I manage my husbands renovation company. I enjoy working out, curling up with a good book and snowboarding in the winter!

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